A place where you and your family can CONNECT with God, GROW your faith, & DISCOVER your purpose.


Here at Grace Point we are all about connecting with God and each other. When you visit, here are some of the ways you can connect:

Connect BEFORE the service.

Before the worship service, you can stop by our guest services desk, located in the main lobby. There you’ll find friendly people who are ready to help you get connected.

Connect AFTER the service.

After the worship service, we invite you to stop by our Hospitality Room to meet the ministry staff and receive a FREE gift and some basic “next step” information!

Connect DURING the service.

During the worship service, we invite you to connect to the presence of God and the people around you! You can also connect via social media or our mobile app.

Connect over Breakfast.

The first Sunday of every month we host a “Connect Breakfast” for everyone that has visited the prior month. This FREE breakfast provides a great way for you to connect with our staff, learn more about Grace Point church and find out how you can start your journey!


Once you’re connected and are ready to start your journey, we invite you to be a part of our Growth Trac! Growth Trac is a 4- week class, designed to help you grow in your faith, understanding and relationship. It will provide some instruction and direction to help you navigate your way through God’s plan for your life!

  • Connect Groups
  • “On Point” Education hour
  • Mid-Week Bible Study series
  • Life Recovery Classes
  • Growth Track
  • Discipleship intensive classes
  • Personal Bible Studies
  • GP Men
  • Ladies of Grace
  • Family Care


As you continue to grow in your faith, you will no doubt begin to discover God’s purpose and plan for your life and recognize certain gifts for service! We invite you to explore these through involvement and service. With a variety of opportunities available, we’re certain that you’ll discover a place to put your God given abilities to good use!

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